Vivian’s View: The Stranger Game By Cylin Busby

Welcome back to Vivian’s View! Once a month, avid reader and local 7th grader, Vivian, Reviews a book that she read that month. Stay tuned to see what she chooses as her favs and which ones don’t make the cut!

Nico Walker has never been very close to her older sister Sarah, since Sarah has never been very nice to her. So, when Sarah disappears, Nico finds it hard to be devastated. Sure, she is sad but not devastated like her parents and Sarah’s friends. One day, 4 years after she went missing, Sarah is found. Everyone is really excited, except for Nico. She is scared of what Sarah will do to her. But, Sarah is not at all how Nico remembered her. Where the old stranger gameSarah was mean and hurtful to Nico, the new Sarah is now loving and kind.
Everyone is so happy that Sarah is home, but Nico can’t shake the feeling that Sarah is different, too different. On top of that, someone keeps telling Nico that they know the true story of what actually happened to Sarah on the day she went missing.
This book was like no other book I have ever read. While most chapters in this book tell the main story, there are a few chapters that tell a different story, Sarah’s story. It was really interesting to learn about Sarah’s side of the story and how the two stories eventually came together. Even though I think this was an interesting addition to the book, it ended up making the book a bit confusing.
I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would do this because even though it was amazing, as I mentioned before, it could get a bit confusing when it would switch between parts. Other than that, this book was wonderful. If you want to find out what actually happened to Sarah on that fateful day 4 years ago, read The Stranger Game!

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