Vivian’s View: Everland by Wendy Spinale

RoscoeBooks is proud to feature a new segment on our blog: Vivian’s View! Once a month, avid reader and local 7th grader, Vivian, will review a book that she read that month. Stay tuned to see what she chooses as her favs and which ones don’t make the cut!

“The only way to grow up is to survive” in Everland. There is a deadly virus spreading around London. It has killed all of the adults, so there are now many orphans in London, or as it is now referred to, Everland. But 16 year old Gwen doesn’t know there are many other people. She believes that her parents were killed, and so she now has to take care of 26085520her little sister, Joanna, who is 12 and her little brother, Mikey, who is 6. But, Gwen, Joanna, and Mikey are not safe. There are Marauders roaming around. The Marauders are the “henchmen” of the evil Captain Hanz Otto Oswald Kretschmer, or Captain Hook. They are trying to snatch all the orphans, because they want to find a cure to the virus.
One day, they take Joanna, Gwen is determined to get Joanna back. When she meets Pete, Bella, and the Lost Boys, she has a slight hope that they may actually succeed. The Lost Boys are all the orphaned boys in Everland. Pete is their leader, and they live underground. Bella is the only girl who lives with them. Pete promises Gwen that they will try to get Joanna back.
I enjoyed this book a lot. It was very interesting, and had me hooked the entire way. This book has several connections with the story of Peter Pan. This book is set in Everland, Peter Pan is set in Neverland. Pete is the leader of the Lost Boys and Peter is the leader of the Lost Boys. There are lost boys in both stories. Gwen is the oldest girl in the family who watches over the others in this book and Wendy has that role in Peter Pan. Those are a few of the connections between this book and Peter Pan.
I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was super action-filled and excitement packed. If there is a sequel, I would definitely recommend it. So, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action-packed, adventurous, and thrilling book!
– Written by Vivian
You heard the lady! We’re giving this book 5/5 stars! Be sure to grab a copy when it comes out on May 10th!

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