New Books!

Hey everyone, it’s new book release day! Stop on in and check out our Brand New Books table.

Some highlights of the week:

Girl Through Glass by Sari Wilson

Erika says:

“If you, like me, grew up taking ballet class and idolizing ballerinas, you will probably love this book no matter what.  But if you didn’t, there are so many things to love about Wilson’s beautifully written debut novel regardless.  This is a haunting story of how one woman confronts a painful past, and a magical, spot-on evocation of New York in the late ’70s/early ’80s, when ballet was all the rage.  Wilson isn’t afraid to be literary, or to be dark, and the effect is utterly striking.”

Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit

Erika says:

“It’s 1939 in Krakow, Poland, and Anna is a young girl whose father has been taken by German soldiers on the eve of WWII.  She meets a strange man, the Swallow Man, and together they travel on foot through the woods, trying to survive.  This book is part adventure story, part historical fiction, and even part fairy tale.  It’s beautifully written, and not like anything I’ve ever read before!”

All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

Wayne Says:

“Anders, the Editor-in-Chief of, has delivered something special here. In her first book for adults, Anders tells the story of two outcasts, Patricia and Laurence, one who has magical abilities and one who is a science fiction scientist.  This is a novel that wrestles with the idea of Sci-Fi and Fantasy while remaining very engaging.  Filled with more quirk and playfulness than you could shake a stick at, yet it always remains character focused while delivering real emotionally resonant moments. I loved it, a true blast to read.”


New in paperback:

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Greg says:

“A masterful, astonishing novel.  If you love big books in which you can totally immerse yourself, barely coming up for air for days, this is it.  It’s the story -told over 30 years- of four best friends, one of whom has a backstory you simple won’t believe for its brutality.  My favorite of 2015.”


Glow by Ned Beauman

Greg says:

“A crazy, zany romp of a novel that reads part like Thomas Pynchon and part like Irvine Welsh.  You can almost see Beauman giggling at his laptop screen as he wrote this and it’s just as much fun to read.  Drugs! Sex! Burmese refugees! Foxes! Nefarious mining companies!”

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