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Adios, 2015: My Year in Review

There’s no question that 2015 has been an amazing year for avid readers, booksellers, and the entire book industry. But even in a twelve-month period as jam-packed with literary goodness as this one was, it’s natural that a few personal … Continue reading

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Part Two: The Ten(ish) Best Novels of 2015… and a Few We’d Miss

Now that we’ve gotten picture books out of the way, we thought, “What next?” When you start breaking everything down into genres, you could spend your life making top ten lists. Top ten Middle Grade novels. Top ten nonfiction. Top … Continue reading

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Part One: The Ten Best Picture Books of 2015

Okay, before we get started, can we all just take a breath? I mean, seriously. This holiday has started off with a bang, not a whimper. And not even a bang. More like a building collapsing, orchestra of cymbals clashing, … Continue reading

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