The Magic of Storytime

IMG_0404A few weeks ago,  I had the pleasure of doing storytime for the somewhat regular Tuesday crowd.

I always get a few butterflies before a storytime – will the stories be fun? Can I convey the character through a fun voice? how can I involve the kids?

And every so often – I experience a story time like I did a few weeks ago… .

All of the kids (babies, toddlers, and almost preschoolers) were engaged for the most part. There were squeals of delight at fun sounds in a story, there were connections and thoughts being voiced, and we shared (and moved!) to the stories together.

What made it work? I have thought about that a lot over the past few weeks.. Below I share what I think made it “magic” and hope you might remember these when you are reading and sharing stories with the kids you know! 🙂

  • if there is something outrageous in a book – you have to embrace it and go with it! crazy words? weird noises? DO IT BIG and enjoy it! (from storytime: Diggers Go)
  • Include a book with movement (from storytime: From Head to Toe)
  • it is fun to include something that kids can relate with (from storytime: The Loud Book)
  • rhyming engages kids and keeps it interesting (from storytime: I Like Myself!)
  • longer stories can hold little ones and bigger ones attention as long as there is some action in it (from storytime: Children Make Terrible Pets)
  • movement is OK and needed (we took two movement breaks)
  • songs are fun and provide a change of pace from the stories (we sung 3 songs together)

Happy reading!

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teen librarian by day...bookseller by night.
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One Response to The Magic of Storytime

  1. dv64 says:

    Great tips, thank you Katie!


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