Man’s Best Friend

Roscoe Village is a neighborhood that is filled with dogs (and their humans). If you have spent time in our store chances are you have probably heard me talking about my dog, Annie. I can’t resist a good dog story so in honor of my furry friend I wanted to share a few favorites.

Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

winn-dixie-jpg   One of my favorite middle grade novels. You will also note that it has a spot on my favorites bookshelf.  10 year old Opal goes into the Winn-Dixie Supermarket and walks out with a dog. Winn-Dixie the dog is big, awkward, and full of love. With Winn-Dixie by her side, Opal learns to come out of her shell and gets to know the eccentric but oh-so-kind people in her town. This is one of those little novels that packs many little nuggets of wisdom in the pages.

What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World by Cat Warren.

51t-dPIwkrL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ My co-worker, Emily, handed this one to me and said, “I bet you would love this!” My dog Annie had just started taking a scent class through PAWS and I was fascinated about how the nose of a dog works. I cannot resist a non-fiction book that at times reads like a novel. This one did just that. Warren’s dog, Solo, is a gorgeous German Shepard who needs help focusing his rambunctiousness. She begins to train Solo as a cadaver dog. This book is filled with history, research, science and stories of work that Solo does.

Beautiful Old Dogs: A Love Tribute to Our Senior Best Friends by David Tabatsky

beautiful-old-dogs-book-cover-slide  My Annie is older (although some days I am in a bit of denial about that). This touching gem pays tribute to the older pups in our life with gorgeous portraits that show older dogs in their glory – with white hairs and gentle eyes. The photos are accompanied by moving, funny, and insightful essays. The photographer states in the introduction, “The older the better…dogs with souls in their eyes.” I would tend to agree.

Shake by Carli Davidson


I dare you to pick up this book and not smile. You simply can’t help it. This book captures dogs mid-shake: ears flopping, hair sticking up, and jowls flying. This is a fun one to pick up and just browse through.

Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio

gaston-9781442451025_hr      Gaston really tries his best to fit in with his well-behaved poodle siblings: Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo, and Ooh-la-La. But sometimes he just can’t – he slobbers, yips, and races around. Antoinette loves racing around and barking with her bulldog siblings: Rocky, Ricky, and Bruno. After playing in the park the parents realize there has been a mix-up so Gaston and Antoinette switch places. The families look right, but it just doesn’t feel right. A cute story about following your heart about where you belong.

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