Is 2015 The Best Reading Year Ever?

We aPhoto Mar 30, 6 17 01 PMre smack-dab in the dead-center of a golden age of reading, my friends! I can’t remember a year that even approaches 2015 in terms of the sheer number of high-profile authors publishing hugely anticipated new novels.

If you’ve been to the store lately, you may have seen our “Your Favorite Author Is Coming Out With A New Book This Year” display. It’s a veritable who’s-who of big-name authors!

So let’s take a look at some of the exciting upcoming novels — as well as novels to read to get ready for these new releases. Truly, it’s a great time to be a reader — 2015 is quite possibly the best year in reading ever!

go set a watchmanHarper Lee, Go Set A Watchman, July 14 — It’s hard to adequately describe just what an enormous deal this novel being published is. (If you’re not familiar, here’s the story — and some wonderful commentary by my friend Jeff.) Things like this just don’t happen in publishing. It’s easily the publishing event of the millennium, and even though the millennium is only 15 years old, unless J.K. Rowling publishes another Harry Potter novel, it’s going to be the publishing event of the millennium for a long time to come. Catch up with: To Kill a Mockingbird (duh).

Toni Morrison, God Help The Child, April 21 — The only way a new novel from American-Treasure-and-Nobel-Laureate Morrison isn’t THE biggest publishing story of the year is if, oh, I don’t know, Harper Lee PUBLISHES A SEQUEL FOR TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. (Sorry, deep breaths.) But a new Morrison novel is unquestionably a big deal, and super, super exciting. Catch up with: Sula, Beloved, Song of Solomon.

purityJonathan Franzen, Purity, Sept. 1 — Publishing’s biggest villain, The Franzen, who has annoyed everyone from Oprah to Jennifer Weiner and from Twitter users to fans of YA fiction, is publishing his first novel since 2010’s Freedom. That one got him on the cover of Time as the Great American Novelist. So his latest is sure to be a big deal as well — and no-doubt spark more than a few Internet conversations about why it’s important to separate good art from its jerky artist. Catch up with: The Corrections, Freedom.

John Irving, Avenue of Mysteries, TBD — In December, Irving announced on his Facebook page that he’d completed his latest novel, and that he’s hoping it’ll be ready for Fall, 2015. We hope so, too! Catch up with: A Prayer for Owen Meany, The Cider House Rules, A Widow For One Year.

Dr. Seuss, What Pet Should I Get?, July 28 — Not long after the Harper Lee news dropped, we learned that a lost Dr. Seuss manuscript had been found and would be published as well. Yippee! Catch up with: Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, etc., etc.

the girl in the spider's web“Stieg Larsson,” The Girl In The Spider’s Web, Sept. 1 — Larsson died in 2004 after penning the hugely successful Lisbeth Salander Millennium Trilogy. After a protracted battle between his family and his long time partner, this fourth novel is being released. It was written by Swedish novelist David Lagercrantz and is brand new fiction — that is, it’s not in any way related to the material for a fourth novel it was rumored had been found on Larsson’s computer at the time of his death. This new one will, however, still star Lisbeth. Catch up with: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, etc.

Judy Blume, In The Unlikely Event, June 2 — Her first non-children’s book in 13 years, this story is about a plane crash. Not exactly cheery, but exciting that this beloved author is returning to shelves. Catch up with: Superfudge, Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, Blubber, etc.


Other new novels by notable novelists:

Kate Atkinson — A God In Ruins is a sequel/companion to her well-received Life After Life. (May 5)

Mark Danielewski — The author of House of Leaves returns with an 880-page piece of experimental fiction titled The Familiar, Vol. 1: One Rainy Day in May. (May 12)

sevenevesNeal Stephenson — The prolific author releases his newest sci-fi masterpiece, a 900-page tome titled Seveneves. (May 19)

Lauren Groff — The author of the fantastic Arcadia and The Monsters of Templeton is publishing Fates and Furies. (Sept. 15)

Big-name novelists who published already this year (and which you can get now!): Kazuo Ishiguro, The Buried Giant; Nick Hornby, Funny Girl; Jonathan Lethem, Lucky Alan: And Other Stories.


What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

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In life, as in literature, Greg Zimmerman enjoys a nice mix of the high- and the low-brow. He writes (and uses too-frequent parentheticals) about books at his blog, The New Dork Review of Books. Greg's day job is as a trade magazine editor, and he slings books part time at RoscoeBooks.
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