Top 5 Reasons to Read the RoscoeBooks Blog

If your level of excitement and/or motivation to read yet another piece of Internet content falls somewhere between “root canal with no anesthesia” and “run a marathon…in Phoenix…in July…hungover,” well, hopefully what follows here will change your mind.

We started this blog for the same reason the store exists in the first place: To connect our favorite readers with great books. We realize you can’t make it to the store everyday, though we know you would if you could (right?). So consider this little corner of the internet an extension of our smiling faces when you do come visit us in the store. You like talking about books. We love talking about books. Let’s talk about books…only on the internet!

But that’s all pretty general. So below are five more specific reasons why we hope you’ll check back regularly, contribute and comment as you can, and offer suggestions for what you’d like to see both here and in the store.

Favorite Author New Books

Harper Lee! Jonathan Franzen! Toni Morrison! Dr. Seuss!

5. Let Us Be Your Bookish Curators — It’s our job to keep track of what’s new, cool, important, trendy, silly, and just fun in the bookish world. Whether we’re talking about a new Harper Lee novel (!!!) in July or the latest and greatest in picture books, we’ll keep you current. We won’t even be offended if you use something you read here as a conversation starter at a dinner party. Here’s one to start you out: “So, this year, if Philip Roth becomes the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature since Toni Morrison in 1993, does she have to call him to congratulate? What would THAT conversation be like? I don’t think those two would get along so well.”

4. We Are Not an Algorithm — “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…” is a stupid way to recommend books. Instead, just like in the store, on this blog we’ll recommend books we think you’ll totally dig. And more importantly, we’ll tell you why. Not every book is for every reader, but wouldn’t you rather have a recommendation from someone you trust (and we’re working hard to build your trust!) than a nameless, faceless algorithm? We sure hope so!

Erika leads a song at Story Time.

Erika leads a song at Story Time. (clap, clap)

3. All The Events! — We’ve caught our breath after opening (can you believe it’s been four month?!) and a super busy holiday season, and we’ve got some really cool stuff happening and coming up, and you’ll be able to read about it here. We’ve done four successful children’s Story Times, and we’ll continue on a regular schedule of Tuesday and Saturday mornings at 11 am. And we hope you’ll swing by Thursday evening (3/26) at 7 pm for our first Book-Lovers Throwdown — it’s basically an informal gathering to come by the store and talk about books. And there’ll be wine!

2. Be Part of a Community — Reading itself is a solitary act. But most everything else involved with reading is very much social. I’m here to tell you — as someone who has been a book blogger for more than five years — the community of book lovers on the Internet is amazing! You’ll make friends you wouldn’t have otherwise. And so consider this your cordial invitation to be a part of it.

1. Fun! — Again, as a veteran of blogging, I can’t tell you how stoked I am to be writing here, too. Already, we’ve published about books we’ve read more than once, the exciting new Kazuo Ishiguro novel, our favorites shelf, the stack of to-be-reads, and historical fiction books for kids. That’s quite a roster of eclectic content, just in the first four posts! Our goal is that there’ll be something for everyone here, and that it’ll be as much fun to read and discuss with us as it is to write!

See you around the Village! And as always, thanks for reading!


About Greg Zimmerman

In life, as in literature, Greg Zimmerman enjoys a nice mix of the high- and the low-brow. He writes (and uses too-frequent parentheticals) about books at his blog, The New Dork Review of Books. Greg's day job is as a trade magazine editor, and he slings books part time at RoscoeBooks.
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