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My bookcases are one of my favorites parts of my home. In fact, when I move – my books are the first thing I unpack. I thought this is what everyone does when they move, but according to my friends this is not the case. However, I digress.  My bookcases hold many volumes and are organized somewhat thematically: picture books, young adult, creative & crafty, good reads,  knitting & sewing, and cookbooks – just to name a few!

However, it is the top shelf on the tall bookcase that is easily within sight that holds my favorites. Some people have comfort food they turn to after a rough day, some people escape by watching movies … and I have a shelf of books that are like old friends. I move and add and take away books from time to time, but these are the books I can pick up and remember why I love to read so much.

What titles are on your favorite shelf?

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teen librarian by day...bookseller by night.
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